Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates
Arizona Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates

Photograph of a tall Arizona Saguaro Cactus within the shape of the Arizona State Border. *2020  UPDATES*
 Birth Year 1944
Death Year 1969

Last Name:
First Name:
Birth Year From: County of Birth
(1855 - 1944 Thru:
Death Year   From: County of Death
(1870 - 1969 Thru:
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Birth & Death Certificates Available to the Public
A.R.S. 36-351 Duties of the director; Arizona state library, archives and public records.
The certificate images provided are limited to Arizona:   
BIRTHS that occurred at least 75 years ago
DEATHS that occurred at least 50 years ago
Disclaimer:   The birth and death certificate images made available on this website do not constitute certified copies nor does the Department certify that the copies are a full and accurate reproduction of the original documents.  These are microfilmed images of county or state issued certificates and are being made available to the public in accordance with A.R.S. 36-351(B).  Information found within these records was extracted from photo reproductions of the original certificates by volunteers from the Mesa Regional Family History Center, at no cost to the Department.  The microfilmed documents on this website are copies from the Official Archives of the State and will not be modified; however, separate addendums to the original documents are permitted.  If you believe you have discovered a data extraction error or confidentiality concern, please visit the  Bureau of Vital Records, Amendments and Corrections website.  The Arizona Bureau of Vital Records reserves the right to determine if an addendum to any certificate will be made.